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As the pioneer of the sector, we research, examine and present the newest, reliable and profitable projects for you with the experience we have gained after thousands of transactions on this road we started 20 years ago. We only offer you the projects of the best and most reliable companies.

We select all our projects in line with profitable investment strategies, check their compliance with quality standards, and hold meetings to bring you advantageous prices.

As Live in Antalya, we provide support in 10 languages during the entire pre-sales and post-sales process with our expert brokers.

Immovable Trade Authorization Certificate

Document №: 0700937

Being a brand of Vefa Real Estate Ltd., Live in Antalya has the official qualification in real estate consultancy services, and has the Immovable Trade Authorization Certificate (Document №: 0700937) put into effect by the Ministry of Commerce of the Republic of Turkey.

Antalya Chamber of Commerce - Live in Antalya - Real Estate in Antalya

Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Membership №: 96475

Live in Antalya is a member of Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the membership number of  96475.

Live in Antalya Ethical Company
Live in Antalya Marka Tescil Belgesi / Brand Registry Document

Ethical Company Certificate

Membership №: 96475 - 954

Code of Conduct of Live in Antalya

1. Stick to the laws of the Republic of Turkey and all relevant legislation.

2. Respectful to the customer; comply with the legal regulations on consumer rights and health, and principles of transparent and honest trade.

3. Respectful to employee rights and support employee job training.

4. Against unfair competition with its competitors and suppliers.

5. Complying with quality standards, responsible for the products and services are given by.

6. Protecting confidential information in business relations, and will not use it for our own or any third party’s benefit.

7. Respectful to the trademark, patent, design and copyright.

8. Following the rules of Occupational Health and Safety Law.

9. Being conscious about social and environmental responsibility; contributing to the community, protecting natural resources, helping sustainability.

10. Preserving trade ethics with the responsibility and contributing to its development.

Brand Registry

All intellectual property rights of Live in Antalya belong to Vefa Yapı Gayrimenkul Ltd.

Meet our Team

Our backgrounds are diverse as we are experienced in real estate, finance, tourism, and architecture. Combining our abilities and experiences, we have formed Live in Antalya.

Our team is devoted to providing you the best assistance for your real estate transactions with our lawyers, financial advisors, and expert brokers. On the one hand, as a professional real estate agency, we provide you with the properties that best fit your wishes and assist you through the entire purchase&sales process. On the other hand, we are your enthusiastic guide in Antalya. As we are in love with the city, we are passionate about introducing each beautiful corner of it!


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Why Live in Antalya Real Estate is the right choice?

Live in Antalya is devoted to provide you the best assistance for your real estate transactions in Antalya, Turkey.


We are local!

No matter if you are looking for an investment property or planning a life in Antalya, we are going to be your professional broker in town.


Delivers new properties only

We present only brand new properties of reliable construction companies in Antalya.


The best asistance

We are happy to provide you with versatile assistance from our lawyers, financial advisors and expert brokers.

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