4th Antalya Akra Jazz Festival Begins in No Time!

The 4th Antalya Akra Jazz Festival welcomes renowned figures of the jazz scene for jazz lovers in Antalya. To be held for the fourth time in Antalya this year, the festival is gearing up to offer a wide and colourful musical range that blends jazz with funk, rock, latin, soul, swing and electronic genres in addition to modern and classical jazz.

Mediterranean Jazz Vibes in Antalya

Organized by Akra Hotels with Turkish Airlines as the transportation sponsor, the 4th Antalya Akra Jazz Festival will take place on the open-air stage of Akra Hotels between 25 September – 09 October 2021, accompanied by the unique view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains.

The program of Akra Jazz Festival

25 & 26 September Saturday & Sunday – Karsu

29 September Wednesday – Önder Focan & Şallıel Bros. “Funkbook”

01 October Friday – Igor Butman & Fantine & Moscow Jazz Orchestra

02 October Saturday – Sonic Boom

06 October Wednesday – İlhan Erşahni’s İstanbul Sessions

08 October Friday – Fazıl Say’ Şarkılar with Serenad Bağcan

Continue reading for detailed information on the program and artists.


Karsu, the Turkish artist living in the Netherlands, is one of the new-generation artists attracting attention globally with her unique interpretation and powerful voice. Writing and composing almost all of her songs by herself, the artist fascinates the audiences with her colourful voice, stage performance and energy. It is possible to find jazz, blues, funk and ethnic rhythms on Karsu’s albums. She was granted the Edison World Jazz Award in 2016 which is one of the most important music awards in the Netherlands and she gained a strong place in the European jazz scene.

The festival will kick off with Karsu, the Turkish artist living in the Netherlands and being widely acclaimed with her unique interpretation, colourful and powerful voice. On the opening concerts on September 25th & 26th, Akra Jazz Band will take the stage as well as Karsu, who will perform her compositions combining jazz, blues, funk and ethnic rhythms.

At the concert night, Akra Jazz Band from Antalya conducted by Cağlayan Yıldız will also take the stage. Engin Recepoğulları-tenor saxophone and Barış Doğukan Yazıcı-trumpet will take the stage as guest soloists.

Funkbook Project by  Önder Focan and Şallıel Bros.

The “Funkbook” is a project by guitarist Önder Focan and saxophonist brothers Anıl & Batuhan Şallıel which offers funky and energetic rhythms. “Funkbook” project, consisting of the compositions of Önder Focan and “funk jazz” interpretation of various Turkish songs, the artists are accompanied by the musicians who are each competent on the instruments they perform. Recorded in December 2015, the album “Funkbook” met with the audience in May 2016.

Guitar player Önder Focan and Şallıel Bros. will be on the stage on September 29th with the “Funkbook” project with a jazz repertoire consisting of funky and energetic rhythms.

Igor Butman & Fantine & Moscow Jazz Orchestra

Igor Butman, considered as the ‘’Jazz Bridge between Moscow and New York’’, who has shared the stage with numerous important orchestras and artists so far will be accompanied by Fantine and the wonderful musicians of the Moscow Jazz Orchestra which is founded in 1999.

The world-famous Russian saxophonist Igor Butman and Moscow Jazz Orchestra who gave an unforgettable performance in the past years will be on the festival stage with a fantastic show this time having Fantine as the soloist with her powerful voice.

Sonic Boom

“Sonic Boom” was founded in 2019 by four successful artists, Elif Çağlar (vocals), Çağrı Sertel (keys), Alp Ersönmez (bass guitar) and Volkan Öktem (drums), who are very well known by the music lovers. Met with the audience in early 2020, the band plays and reinterprets the hits of R&B, hip-hop and electronic music in their unique style, as well as their own compositions. 

İlhan Erşahin and “İstanbul Sessions“

İlhan Erşahin, saxophone artist living in New York, brings together the dynamic colours of İstanbul with the audience through his project “İstanbul Sessions” which attracts a great deal of attention from all over the world. “İstanbul Sessions” stands out with its unique and rich sounds with many timbres from jazz to rock and from disco to dub. On this night, also Arto Tunçboyacıyan will be accompanying İstanbul Sessions on vocals and percussions as a featuring artist.

İlhan Erşahin participated in the jazz festivals in many different cities around the world, such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, Mannheim, Skopje, London and New York, as well as İstanbul, with “İstanbul Sessions”, which he founded in 2005 in İstanbul as a session group that he could perform together.

Continuing to present the dynamic colours of İstanbul with the project “İstanbul Sessions”İlhan Erşahin will take the stage in the festival on October 6th with his band and will perform his hit songs featuring Arto Tunçboyacıyan on vocals & percussions.

Fazıl Say and Serenad Bağcan

Fazıl Say is in Antalya with his new songs album for the first time!

The fourth year of the Antalya Akra Jazz Festival will end with two amazing concerts to be performed by world-renowned pianist and composer Fazıl Say. The new music album -which is the fourth of his song albums consisting of the songs that he composed the poems of unforgettable poets and writers of Turkish literature- of the artist will meet with the audience in Antalya for the first time. Serenad Bağcan, the soloist, will perform his songs with her powerful voice and stunning stage performance will be accompanied by Aykut Köselerli (percussions) and Jamal Aliyev (cello).

The new album includes poems of Yunus Emre, Pir Sultan Abdal, Sabahattin Ali, Kaygusuz Abdal, Aziz Nesin, Metin Altıok and Omar Khayyam. These amazing concerts will meet with the audience at Akra Hotels on October 8th and 9th at 20:30

Akra Jazz Festival tickets are on sale at Biletix.com

The festival, having Turkish Airlines as its travel sponsor and organised by Akra Hotels will have its tickets on sale at Biletix ticket offices and on biletix.com, both in Turkey and abroad. The tickets of the 4th Antalya Akra Jazz Festival can be purchased at Biletix ticket offices and on biletix.com for 150 TL for a single concert and 450 TL for combined tickets covering all concerts.

All regulations on ticket sales and the event shall be in accordance with the requirements set forth in the circulars issued by the relevant ministries of the Republic of Turkey.

Ticket revenues will be donated for Manavgat Forests

PS. The audience will not only feed their souls with jazz but also with charity for nature as the ticket revenues of the festival will be donated for the regeneration of Manavgat Forests which were heavily destroyed due to fire blazes during summer 2021.

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