Antalya Ramadan Timetable, Calendar 2021

Antalya Ramadan Timetable Calendar 2021

Here is the timetable for those who will fast during the holy month of Ramadan in Antalya. We wish a blessed and prosperous Ramadan for the Muslim World. This is the time that we will purify our hearts and pray for one another. The information regarding the timings are obtained from Turkish directorate of religious affairs.

Antalya Ramadan Calendar 2021

13 April04:5519:37
14 April04:5319:38
15 April04:5219:38
16 April04:5019:39
17 April04:4819:40
18 April04:4719:41
19 April04:4519:42
20 April04:4419:43
21 April04:4219:44
22 April04:4019:45
23 April04:3919:45
24 April04:3719:46
25 April04:3619:47
26 April04:3419:48
27 April04:3219:49
28 April04:3119:50
29 April04:2919:51
30 April04:2819:52
1 May04:2619:53
2 May04:2519:53
3 May04:2319:54
4 May04:2219:55
5 May04:2019:56
6 May04:1919:57
7 May04:1819:58
8 May (laylat al-qadr)04:1619:59
9 May04:1520:00
10 May04:1320:00
11 May04:1220:01
12 May04:1120:01
13 May (eid el-fitr)06:23 (Salad al eid)
Antalya Ramadan Calendar 2021

May this holy month bring peace & health all over the world! Ramadan Mubarak!


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