How to get a HES Code in Turkey? Solved.

HES Code in Turkey

No matter if you’re a tourist or foreigner with a permit in Turkey at the moment, we are aware of that there is certainly a lack of information for you to figure out how to get a HES Code in Turkey. In this post, we shortly explained you how to get a HES code easily with a single SMS!

Jump right down to the SMS procedure and receive your HES code.

What is the HES Code?

HES is the acronym for Hayat Eve Sığar which means “life fits into the home”. This campaign alongside a mobile application is created to inform citizens about the Covid-19 Pandemic. Moreover, the Turkish State has brought a unique personal code system into existence in order to track citizens’ transmission history.

Until recently, HES Code was requested only before entering public institutions and buying transportation tickets. No matter if you are a tourist or a foreigner with a permit, you must have a HES code for both domestic and international travels. However, there are more places that you need to provide your HES Code in Turkey these days. For example, it’s necessary to have a valid code when entering a basic shopping mall. Now, let’s see how to get a HES Code with the SMS procedure which is the easiest and quickest way.

SMS Procedure to receive your HES Code

In order to claim your HES Code, you need to send an SMS to 2023.

The SMS Message should consist of the following information respectively:

  • HES (This is just text content to specify your request)
  • Your nationality code (Find your code here: The country names are given in Turkish, so you may need to translate the name of your country into Turkish)
  • The serial number of your passport
  • The year of birth
  • Surname

Note: You should put a single space between each piece of information.

Here is a template example considering you are from England:

HES GB 123456789 1982 SMITH

If you would encounter any issues or need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


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