Insurance Policies

Live in Antalya is at your service for obtaining all kind of insurance policies that you may need to have while living in Turkey. The insurance type that we can guide you are presented below.

1- Health Insurance in Turkey

Having health insurance in Turkey is obligatory for foreigners who wants to apply for residence permit. The insurance must cover your intended staying period.

2- Real Estate Insurance in Turkey

Real estate insurance in Turkey is basically refers to DASK which is an acronym stands for Natural Disaster Insurances Institution. DASK is colloquially known as Earthquake Insurance which is compulsory to have one in order to have your property's title deed authorized. Furthermore, you will also need to submit your DASK insurance for registration of electricity and water supplies for your property. 
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Investing in a property in Turkey which worth a minimum of USD 250,000 will enable you to apply for Turkish Citizenship including your family

Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

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