Mural art in Antalya: Let the walls dance with colours!

Mural Art Performing in Antalya

The urban landscape of Antalya is getting colourful with a very recent mural project (Mural Antalya) which was realized by the Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) and Antalya Culture and Art.

The project was carried out by national and international artists No More Lies (Kayıhan Fırat), Roberto Rivadeneria, Sisomoo (Ayşen Karakaya), Gamze Yalçın, Girayhan Gürbüz and Emrah Man who painted the facades of 5 large buildings in Antalya city center.

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A new touristic culture in Antalya

A mural is a kind of artwork that is applied directly onto wall or larger permanent surfaces. It is very popular among tourist cities around Europe such as Porto, Barcelona and Krakow.

Curated by Roxane Ayral, the mural project’s theme is defined by the natural and cultural heritage of Antalya. During one of her interviews, Ayral stated the following “This will be a permanent project that will attract the attention of both locals and tourists in Antalya. People and artists from others cultures will encounter art in the public spaces of Antalya. As a result, the aesthetics, nature and heritage of the city will come to the forefront, thanks to street art! We want to make street art an element of the city to add a new tourism culture to Antalya.”

Mural art in Antalya
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Performing Mural Art in Antalya: The Actors are Speaking

Antalya Culture and Art (AKS) will also organize a webinar where artists will talk about the process of the project. The webinar aims to draw a picture of the activities of the project in all its dimensions. Furthermore, AKS strive to document the story of the collective action of art in the public space, which took place for the first time in Antalya after a long time. Moderated by the manager of AKS, Münevver Eminoğlu, the live webinar will take place at 20:30 on July 3.

Webinar Poster / Performing Mural Art in Antalya: The Actors are Speaking

Webinar access details for the public space discussions held by Antalya Culture and Art (AKS)
Webinar ID: 991 2075 8531
Webinar Passcode: 274498

Antalya street art and graffiti – The locations of murals

The locations of murals that were painted within the scope of the Mural Antalya project.

1. Antalya Culture and Art Building – Artwork by Gamze Yalçın

Address: Şehit Binbaşı Cengiz Toytunç Cad. No: 60 Muratpaşa

2. Ömer Lütfi Yalçınkaya Trade Center – Artwork by Roberto Rivandeneira

Address: Elmalı Mah. 17. Sok. Muratpaşa

3. Tolunaylar Trade Center – Artwork by Sisomoo (Ayşen Karakaya)

Address: Balbey Mah. Kapalı Yol No:34/B Muratpaşa

4. Süreyya Apartment – Artwork by No More Lies (Kayıhan Fırat)

Address: Elmalı Mah. 25. Sok. No: 5/A Muratpaşa

5. Yusuf Çıragöz Trade Center – Artwork by Girayhan Gürbüz & Emrah Man

Address: Kışla Mah. 42. Sok. No: 6 Muratpaşa

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