Never sleeping public library in Antalya: Cemil Meriç Kütüphanesi

Opened at the end of May, Cemil Meriç Kütüphanesi (Cemil Meriç Library) is the latest public library in Antalya. But, what is amazing about this library for the bookworms is that the library is working 24/7! Cemil Meriç Library also became the largest public library in Antalya having more than 100 thousands of book collection. 

Built by Kepez Municipality by transforming an idle part of the old weaving factory, the library’s location is in the Dokuma Park (Public Garden). 

Cemil Meriç Library Entrance / Kepez Municipality

24/7 open public library in the green corner of Kepez

The library offers its visitors the opportunity to read their books & study in an oxygen-rich environment. Located in the middle of Dokuma Botanical Park, Cemil Meriç Library is surrounded by beautiful olive, cypress and orange trees.

Preserving the city’s memories

To keep the old memories of the region alive, Kepez Municipality planned the architectural project of the library thoughtfully. The municipality respected the history of the transformed building that once supplied electricity to the old Weaving Factory and preserved some of the electrical components of the transformer building. Electricity meters, main electric cables are exhibited in the library. 

Moreover, the original mosaics of the building continue to remain in place. Part of the exterior of the building was left in its original form to commemorate the old Weaving Mill.

Cemil Meriç Library at night / Kepez Municipality

Dedicated to Hüseyin Cemil Meriç

The library’s name is coming from a famous Turkish writer and translator, Hüseyin Cemil Meriç. In his 70 years lifetime, Meriç wrote various articles in social sciences and significantly contributed to Turkish literature with his twelve books.

Writer and Translator Hüseyin Cemil Meriç

PS. Since the library will be open 24/7, it will not operate as a circulating library. 

Learn a word every day – Library: Kütüphane /cytypʰaːne/

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