Opening a Bank Account in Turkey

Opening a bank account in Turkey is actually a simple task. However, not that simple as you would imagine of going through the doors of a bank and shouting out “Hey, I need a bank account in Turkey!” and you get it. Well, if you like that plan, there is only one obstacle for you to do it so: Getting a Turkish tax id number!
Open a bank account in Turkey

Once you get your Tax number, you are ready to step in to the bank that you would like to have an account from. There would be only three documents that you will need to submit: 

Essential documents to open a bank account in Turkey

  • Passport
  • Turkish Tax Number
  • Proof of address

At this point, it is important to keep in mind that you must bring a utility bill from your country. The bill must be max. 3 months old and contain your name and your home address. 

Still have questions?
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