Privacy Policy

Effective July 1, 2022

We care about your privacy and deliberately protect it. As we collect your personal information to enhance your experience with Live in Antalya, a privacy policy is developed to illustrate how we collect and use your data. 

What do we collect?

There are basically two models of information collection that we process;  

1 – User-Provided Information

This model represents the information that you directly provide to us. The means used for user-provided information: 

a. Filled out contact forms

b. Filled out customer support request forms

2 – Automatically Collected Information

This model represents the automatically collected information through your access to our website through cookies and similar technologies. The tools that we use for this model are Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica and Facebook Pixel. The specified tools collect the following information;

a. Log and usage data

b. Location Information

What are cookies?

In a very basic sense, cookies are very small files downloaded to your computer while browsing a website. Cookies help computers to remember your browsing history and your activities on a specific website. 

How we use your data?

We use your data to:

  • Improve our service quality
  • Provide tailored customer service 
  • Research and develop new services 
  • Understand the trends 
  • Prepare appropriate advertisements
  • Create a content match with user profile
  • Communicate with you in connection with our services, promotions
  • Provide news and information that is relevant to user interest 

Please contact us for further questions.

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