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Real Estate Valuation in Antalya, Turkey

Value of a property in Turkey?

There are many reasons you might wonder what is the value of a property, especially when you are about to sell it.  On the other hand, you may be interested to learn the value of the property you desire to invest in for a mortgage application. 

Above all, if you are about to buy a property in Turkey to get Turkish citizenship, you will also need an official appraisal report. Here, we clarify what a property valuation is, how to do property valuation, who carries it out and why you need an expert.

Property Valuation in Antalya Turkey

What is a property valuation?

A property valuation is a detailed report of your property’s value on the real estate market which is mainly based on the location, amenities, and various other factors.

Your property valuation in Turkey is accomplished by an SPK validated appraiser who will assess your property and prepare a valuation report.

SPK is an acronym that stands for Capital Markets Board of Turkey also known as the financial regulatory and supervisory agency of Turkey.

What are the criteria for property valuation?

The five important criteria that affect the value of a property:

1. The features of the property: Age, floor, frontispiece, construction materials, etc.

2. The location of the property and its relationship with the environment.

3. The zoning status of the property

4. Existence of rights that affect the property in the land registry.

5. The actual demand for real estate in the environment and precedent sales.

Property Valuation in Antalya Turkey

How to do property valuation in Turkey?

An official appraisal report of a property can only be written by SPK licensed valuation expert.

One can request an expert from an SPK licensed real estate company or take an independent SPK appraiser into service. You can always request a valuation from our team.

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