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If you’re considering buying a property in Antalya, you will realize that there are a lot of things to think about. Buying a new home is a momentous step that we all make in our lives. Moreover, when it comes to buying a property in a foreign land may be a intimidating prospect. After reading hundreds of advertisements, house visiting, and trying to make significant financial decisions, you’re most likely to feel overwhelmed.

In order to navigate the complex world of real estate investment, ensuring the assistance of a trusted real estate agency can help you. In this regard, Live in Antalya is at your service to provide advice and assistance relevant to your investment ideas. 

We’re delighted to help and guide you through every stage of the property buying process in Antalya, including finding the right property  within your price range that matches your ideals, organizing financial and official processes according to the Turkish laws and regulations.  

When it comes to buying a property in Turkey, there are couple of points that

1- Make a Wish List

Before knocking on the doors of any real estate agency, we highly recommend you make a wish list.

Ask some questions to yourself to draw a clearer picture of your property purchase motivation, such as; Would you be happy if you move? Is it going to be your holiday place, a home for long years ahead, or just an investment property?

If it's for you, then are the physical conditions of the house sufficient for you and your family? Will these conditions still be sufficient for you and your family in the future?

After you find your answers, speak to Live in Antalya, and we can present you the properties that best suit your desires and lifestyle.

2- Location

Antalya, as one of the most developed cities in Turkey, has multiple urban centers. That's why spending some time visiting those locations could be beneficial for your decision making process. Start your research about 3 districts of Antalya where are most appropriate for foreign buyers.

Live in Antalya also considers;

- The development structure of the region;
- The developing regions are profitable investment areas and open to new opportunities.
- The natural and social environment.
- The proximity to various centers (health institutions, schools, shopping malls)
- The proximity and convenience of the main transportation lines.

To count the main benefits of the house: the house contains dreams, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows to dream in peace...

Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

There is a house we all dream of, whether we buy a house for our family or ourselves. Some of us dream of an apartment building according to our lifestyle. Some of us dream of having a barbecue in the garden with our neighbors. Some of us want our children to be safe in the garden.

In Turkey, we have a saying that we hear from our elders quite often “Do not buy a house, buy a neighbor”. Neighborhood relations are as important as the house itself. We have compiled the house preferences that reflect your lifestyle and the houses where you will meet with your neighbors on common grounds. Live in Antalya is dedicated to offering you the most suitable house/apartment in line with your budget, wishes, and needs.

Therefore, before we make this decision, there are many things that we need to consider carefully. There are many factors that affect our quality of life, one of which is undoubtedly the environment we live in and the house we own.

We are enthusiastic to bring you together with our properties in Antalya that will keep you beyond the usual worries and keep your dreams alive forever.

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