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Drawing the picture of your real estate purchase motivation in Antalya

It is rather complex to buy a property in Turkey without a real estate agent. For this reason, finding an agent you can trust is critical during the property buying process.

However, before knocking on the doors of any real estate agency, we highly recommend you to make a wish list to have a clearer picture of your property purchase motivation in Antalya Turkey such as; is it going to be your holiday place / a home for long years ahead / or just an investment property?

5 essential points that every foreign buyer should pay attention to during the research phase.

1. Learn about the district or city of your potential property.

2. Understand the local development plan of the respected area.

3. Compare your potential property with the other real estates that have been sold in the respected area with similar amenities and size.

4. If you’re planning to invest in a property for buy to let reason, learn about the rental market with comparable data.

5. Find a professional real estate agent and let them make clear every detail of the process of buying a property.

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