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Buy your property in Antalya

Sales agreement and legal procedure

This phase marks the final steps of the real estate investment process for your new property in Antalya. Our brokers are committed to making the purchase process as smooth as possible by providing the following services;

Real estate pre-sale agreement:

This agreement can also be defined as a promise to sell/buy agreement. Once the parties are agreed, the contract is signed where parties undertake to finalize the sale/purchase and execute the title deed transfer at a later date.

If a party fails to act according to the contract articles (sale price, date, etc.), the other party will have the right to claim damages. Real estate pre-sale agreements are common in Turkey, especially when it comes to the sales of under-construction and off-plan developments. 

This agreement indicates the obligations of the parties: 

For the buyer: Paying the sales price.

For the seller: Selling the real property and transferring its ownership (title deed). 

The buyer can pay the agreed-upon price either before or after the title deed transfer. The total amount can be paid at once or in instalments (the combination of both is also possible).

Following up the legal procedures: 

  • Obtaining the document stating the current value of the property, and that there is no tax debt on the title deed from the relevant municipality.
  • Making the pre-application by submitting the necessary documents to the directorate of land registry and cadastre.
  • Receiving the notification for the transaction appointment.
  • Confirmations of payments of title deed transfer expenses and real property tax before the appointment date.
  • Signatures are affixed, and contracts are concluded at the general directorate of land registry and cadastre.

Real estate transaction expenses:

Real estate brokerage commission: 2 % of the property’s value + VAT is charged separately from the buyer and vendor according to Article 20 – Regulations of Immovable Trades of Turkish Republic.

Title deed transfer fee: 2 % of the property value is charged separately from the buyer and vendor by the directorate of land registry and cadastre from the buyer. 

Circulating capital fee: 450 TL

Circulating capital service fee: 23,50 TL 

Property tax fee: 0,1 – 0,4 % depending on the real property type and location of the property.

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