Why orange is the symbol of Antalya?

Logo of Antalya Municipality and Governorship

What is the first thing comes to your mind when you think of orange? This juicy fruit is definitely one of the best breakfast drinks ever. Healthy too! While most of us consider orange as an a healthy fruit with lot’s of vitamin C, for some, it will be only remembered when it’s come to delicious Spanish cocktail Margarita or Tequila Sunrise. However, today we are here to tell you why it is used in Antalya’s official logos? It’s simple, the orange is the most important agricultural product of Antalya city. 

The coolest member of citrus fruit family, the orange is actually originated in South China. Being one of the most consumed fruit in today’s world, it is also widely used in perfumery, food and medicine sectors. The city of Antalya alone delivers approximately 25 % share of the total orange production of Turkey. Moreover, Antalya is home for one of the world class type of oranges: the Finike Sweet Orange!

Source: Antalya Tourism and Culture Directorate

In 1994, California University made a research to find out the best orange found in globe, and guess what? The Finike Orange was selected as the number one in the world, and still considered as the sweetest orange by the authorities.

This sweet fruit is not only the symbol of Antalya, but also is the symbol of the second most significant film festivals in Turkey: Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival which was inaugurated in 1964. 57th edition of Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival will be held in between 03 – 10 October.

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