Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

Foreigners who invest in real estate(s) that worth a minimum of USD 250,000 or equivalent thereof in foreign currency with an undertaking of not selling the purchased real estate(s) for three years are qualified to apply for Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment Program.

Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment - Your Key Turkey

Powered by Official Departments of Turkish Republic

The information provided here is collected from the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Investment Office and Your Key Turkey by General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. 


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Like many other countries, Turkey also offers citizenship for foreigners who invest in the country. Although there are a couple of ways to apply for Turkish Citizenship, the guideline presented here concentrates on the procedure of citizenship application through real estate(s) acquisition which is the most affordable one.  

Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment Program

The Turkish Citizenship Law (No 5901) that is updated in September 2018, grants foreigners to apply for Turkish Citizenship following the acquisition of a Turkish property worth a minimum of USD 250,000. Note that, this criteria can also be met by purchasing several properties.

Program Facts:

  • Real estate(s) must be purchased either from a Turkish Citizen or a Turkish Construction Company.
  • The value of the real estate(s) must be examined by official surveyors to indicate that the value of the property is at least USD 250,000.
  • The respective sum must be transferred from the applicant’s personal Turkish bank account.
  • Annotation for “not selling or transferring the property for 3 years” must be added on the Title Deed.
  • Physical presence is not required as the application process can be accomplished remotely through power of attorney.
  • The application process takes 3 months on average.
  • The real estate(s) can be let on lease during the annotated 3 years.
  • Applicant’s spouse and children under 18 years old and disabled children at any age are eligible to obtain citizenship.
  • Applicable for dual citizenship. 

The main steps for citizenship acquisition in Turkey


Find your property in Antalya or elsewhere in Turkey

Find the property that you want to invest in Antalya or elsewhere in Turkey. The registry details of the property together must be checked with the seller or the seller’s representative at the Directorate of Land Registry. See our investment properties in Antalya appropriate for citizenship.  


Real Estate Valuation

Once the property is found, an official valuation report is requested from a Capital Markets Board (CMB) licensed surveyor. Following, the Land Registry Directorate examine and checks whether the valuation report and the declared value of real estate(s) meet the criteria of min. 250,000 USD


Tax Number and Bank Account Registrations

Before proceeding with the real estate acquisition, applicants will need to obtain a Tax Number, and open a Turkish bank account in order to document transactions.


Acquisition of Real Estate(s)

Paying the cost of real estate(s) to the seller following the application to the Land Registry Directorate. Signatures are affixed and contracts are concluded in the presence of a notary public.


Receive your Certificate of Eligibility/Conformity

Once the sales procedure is completed, the “certificate of eligibility” will be issued for citizenship application. Afterwards, this document will be sent to  General Directorate of Migration Management.


Turkish Residency Application

Once you own real estate(s) in Turkey, you can apply for residence permit which is obligatory for the citizenship application. Following documents are required for the application; Health Insurance, Certificate of Eligibility, Application Form, Title Deed.


Turkish Citizenship Application

Entire legal application process is carried out by representation of our company lawyers. Following steps includes; Security Clearance Period, Fingerprint at the Provincial Directorate of Civil Registration and Citizenship Affairs.

Required documents for citizenship application


Application Form

Filled out by lawyer.


Identitiy Document or Passport

Indicating the foreign country of origin.


Certificate of Birth & Marriage

Official family documentation.



For real estate acquisition: One photograph of the seller and two photographs of the buyer (taken in the last 6 months, at a size of 6×4)
For citizenship application: Two biometric photographs of the applicant and each member of family.



Health insurance of the applicant; Earthquake insurance of the property.


Residence Permit

Valid tourist visa is also acceptable.


Real Estate Valuation Report

It must be received from CMB licensed appraiser.


Real Estate Acquisition Documents

Bank receipt representing purchase of real estate(s) worth minimum of a USD 250,000; Titile Deed (or notarized copy) with annotation of “not selling or transferring the property for 3 years”.


Power of Attorney

If a power of attorney issued, the translation and the original or approved copy of the power of attorney.

What are the benefits of Turkish Citizenship?

Questions and Answers

Real estate acquisition by foreign real persons is only possible within the cope of legal restrictions further to Article 35 of the Land Registry Law 2644.

  • The country of origin of the foreign person must be among the countries specified in Article 35. Only Syrian and Uighur nationalities faced problems during applications so far.

  • It is not possible for foreigners to purchase properties in Military Forbidden & Security Zones.

  • A foreign real person is restricted to acquire real estate(s) up to 30 hectares maximum.

No, the entire process of Turkish Citizenship Application can be accomplished without the physical presence of the applier using power of attorney.

No, the title deed of the real estate(s) must be registered under the name of a natural person.

Yes, the cash payment after deducting the mortgage amount will be taken into consideration.

Suitable Properties for Turkish Citizenship

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