Places to visit in Antalya: Suluada

Places to visit in Antalya: Suluada

Named after the freshwater source of the island, Suluada was the home of all ships traveling in the region with the need for freshwater. One of the most popular places to visit in Antalya by boat, Suluada is a piece of heaven with its white sand and turquoise water.

The origin of Suluada: Watery Island

The name Suluada is a combination of two words. “Su” meaning “water” while “ada” meaning island; Watery Island referring to the freshwater sources located on the island. In the ancient periods, the island was called “Krambusa“.

The Characteristics of Suluada

The rock structure of Suluada contains calcium carbonate. The magical white sand of the island comes from the microorganisms called “foraminifera” that live in the sand. The freshwater coming out of the island turns stones into white which then forms a much clearer view of the seawater. As such, we feel that we’re visiting a tropical pool.

How to get there?

There are daily boat tours from both Çıralı and Adrasan Bays to the Island. Since the island is very popular among holidaymakers in Antalya, on the high season, especially at the weekends, you may need to book a boat seat in advance.

If you are visiting Antalya, Turkey for holiday reasons, then it is definitely one of the places to visit in Antalya during your holiday! It is a great stop to take deep rest, swim and dive in crystal clear waters. Do not forget to take stunning photos of this fascinating scenery of the Mediterranean nature.

Reference: Antalya Destination Guide


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