Winter in Antalya: Is it really winter?

The average winter weather temperature in Antalya is 11 °C.

Source: Turkish State Meteorological Service

Imagine a city that is said to be the most beautiful in the world. An amazing nature, a profound history, and yet we still have something to count on to express why to live in Antalya: The climate!

We’ve just welcomed the winter in Antalya, however the sun is still shinning over the city as well as the high peaks of the Taurus Mountains. Most of you may already know about the worldwide popularity of Antalya as a summer holiday destination. Antalya’s climate allows visitors to enjoy a very long summer season, which can take until the end of November. But what about Antalya’s weather in winter?

Does it ever snow in Antalya? Not Really!

The weather temperature in Antalya will eventually start decreasing in December as the first snow falls in the Taurus Mountains. Since the city is surrounded by sierra, the climate of the city features a humid Mediterranean climate. Therefore, you may still feel cold even if you dressed warmly due to the humidity. Moreover, the most characteristic feature of winter in Antalya is that there are some very strong winds and heavy rains. However, it is very unlikely that you may encounter a snow fall in Antalya.

300 Days of Summer in Antalya

But the good news is that even though the temperature level may be low during the winter (11 °C), there is the Mediterranean Sun above in the sky to warm you up. The sun is shining in the clear blue sky all around the year. There are only 33 days in the winter and 66 days in a year that Antalya city receives rain. If we dare, we could even say that the winter of Antalya could feel like summer for the people from the Northern climates. 

Still looking for some snow in Antalya? You have it!

Known as one of the closest winter resort to the Mediterranean Sea, Saklıkent welcomes skiers & snowboarders every year between 10 December – 10 April. The ski resort is situated on the mountain slope of Bakırlıdağ as a part of Beydağları Sierra of the Taurus. The average snow depth is around 150 cm, which could go up to 4 meters on the summit. Moreover, SaklıKent ski resort is only 45 kilometers from Antalya.

A Dream-like Winter in Antalya

Sit back and think for a second, and try to recall a destination where you could ski in the morning and swim in the afternoon. Is there any place that pops up in your mind? Well, we do not recall any, but Antalya!

We hope you enjoyed reading about the winter weather of Antalya, and things you can do. We know lots of friends and followers who have a second home in Antalya just to spend the winter season here and feel the warmth of the Mediterranean. If you are also looking for a second home in Antalya, feel free to check some of the properties that we offer at the moment and contact us with any questions you may have.

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